Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Auto Rickshaw Advertising

Increase your brand visibility by regularly utilized mode of transport : Auto advertising is gaining its prominence because of its ability to be more localised and reach every corner of the city. Unlike other forms of advertising, Auto advertising is affordable & most easily executed outdoor advertising medium.

Auto rickshaw advertising the one of the most effective advertising means enabling high visibility to the products and services at cost effective rates. The auto rickshaw advertising grabs the attention of the customers and clients. The auto rickshaw takes an advertising to different parts of the city, which allows the advertising to attract the attention of potential clients on various vehicles, walking on street and just passing by. We plan the auto rickshaw advertising after discussing with client the intended goals and marketing objectives. We carefully planned and executed auto rickshaw advertising in Mumbai gives high visibility to the client within short period of time.

The guidelines of the client are incorporated into the advertisement. Generally, the products and services that are meant for the local consumption are advertised through the auto-rickshaw advertising. There are several benefits that a client takes from the auto-rickshaw advertising. The cost of auto-rickshaw advertising is the lowest compared to hoarding and banners. The entire city is covered within a day, as an average roaming time of an auto-rickshaw is 16 hours from morning to evening.

Why Choose Advertising for Auto Rickshaw Advertisement?

  • Cost-effective auto rickshaw advertising
  • Contacts with almost every auto rickshaw stand in Pune
  • Prominent ad boards covering the auto rickshaw hood
  • A comprehensive auto rickshaw advertising strategy for optimized results.
  • Advertising banners of varying shapes and sizes for maximum onlooker attention

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